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China's refractory industry maintains a good growth trend

2019/03/13 14:25
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Since 2001, under the strong development of high-temperature development of high-temperature industries such as iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals and building materials, the refractory industry has maintained a good growth trend and has become a major producer and exporter of refractory materials in the world.


From 2001 to 2010, the output of refractory raw materials and products increased steadily, and the end of the fifteenth was about twice that of 2001. In 2010, the output of refractory products nationwide reached 2,080,600 tons, about three times that of the end of the fifteenth. In 2011, China's refractory production accounted for about 65% of the world's total, and its production and sales ranked first in the world's refractory materials. In 2013, China's refractory production was about 29,282,500 tons, accounting for more than 65 of the world's total refractory production. It is a major refractory producer, a major consumer, and a major exporter.


At the same time of the rapid growth of the total industry, the basic characteristics of the domestic refractory products industry competition pattern are: large industries, small companies. According to the statistics of the Refractory Association, China's refractory main business has a revenue of more than 5 million yuan, about 2,000 enterprises (including refractory products enterprises and raw material enterprises), of which about 1,500 refractory products companies, on average The annual output of the company is about 16,000 tons. In addition, there are still a large number of domestic small and medium-sized refractory enterprises that have not entered the statistical caliber. The total output value of the refractory industry is about 120 billion yuan, but the industry concentration is very low. Therefore, in general, the domestic refractory industry is a high-level industry in the city, with low industry concentration and small and scattered enterprises, reflecting the characteristics of huge market capacity and low market concentration. According to the statistics of the China Refractory Industry Association, including the sales of refractory raw materials, the top refractory production enterprises in 2013 include: Yingkou Qinghua Refractory Co., Ltd., Fuyangyu High Temperature Materials (Group) Co., Ltd., Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Refractory Co., Ltd., Beijing Lier High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., Ruitai Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zili Co., Ltd., Yingkou Jinlong Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Tongda Refractory Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jia Nai High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd. Company, Jiangsu Sujia Group New Materials Co., Ltd., etc.


According to the “2014-2017 China Refractory Ceramics and Other Refractory Industry Research and Market Investment Decision Report” released by Shangpu Consulting, in recent years, China's steel, nonferrous metals, cement, glass and other high-temperature industrial output are in the forefront of the world. Not only the demand for refractory materials is large, but also the development space is huge. International refractory giants such as Omega, Vesuvius Group and Kurosaki Broadcasting Group have invested and built factories in China. The competition in China's refractory market tends to be international.