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What is the function of light burned magnesium ball?

2019/10/23 14:34
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It is mainly used as the composition regulator of slag splashing in converter. Because slag splashing requires proper viscosity and fire resistance, reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing. General slag can't be splashed directly to protect the furnace. A certain amount of MgO ball should be added to adjust the slag. At the same time, the use of dolomite should be replaced to reduce the slag quantity and improve the MgO content in the slag.

As MgO is a high melting point mineral, with a melting point of 2800 ℃, the increase of MgO content in the slag makes the slag viscosity larger and the fire resistance higher. The slag is easier to be combined with the furnace lining to form an effective slag protection layer on the furnace lining, so as to improve the life of the furnace lining and reduce consumption.